Zebra Blind

Zebra Window Blind

What is Zebra Blind?

Zebra window blinds, which adds modern style, elegant look, provides complete privacy in day as well as in night but allowing complete visibility light when tilted to allow visible light.

Zebra Window Blinds are designed two fabric having equidistant pattern in translucent and blackout strips aligned horizontally, which when rolled gives total exclusion of light by using totally opaque

fabric and soothing plain colors providing a combination of shading and privacy.

Zebra Window Blinds features:

(1) Simple, easy to use and can be operated manually by chain with chain holder.

(2) Provides much needed privacy and an elegant means to control light in your home.

(3) Zebra Blinds will reduce the sunlight entering the room which can damage furnishings.

(4) which does not allow entry of moisture and dust in the room.

(5) Give lots of options as to positioning – half open/ half closed etc.

(6) Due to their design and patterns, these Zebra Blinds are easy to clean. Finally this ZEBRA WINDOW BLIND is unique design that gives you brilliant style , privacy and sun shine control in one system, This WINDOW BLIND allow you to see out of the room but does not allow to people see it, This simple double paneled roller with embroidered stripes and Smart Feature is controlled by chain. and specially we have a wide range of 125+ Juicy colors specifically for the ZEBRA WINDOW BLINDS A.R.M INTERIOR offer the product at very competitive market price.

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