Make your life easier with automated blinds. Motorized Blinds & shades appear at the touch of a button and disappear when you don’t need them. Perfect for all indoor living spaces, these custom made and professionally installed blinds & shades give you the convenience to easily manage room lighting and privacy. Remote-operated window blinds are convenient, stylish and child-safe. Motorized blinds are also ideal for tall or hard-to-reach windows. Electric blinds work by using a small motor to gently turn the blind shaft at the touch of a button. This effectively allows the blind fabric to roll up or down a vertical window, or across a sky lantern, to shade or uncover the glazing.


  • Motorized window blinds boost the energy-efficiency of your home in two ways, insulation and light control.
  • Direct sun exposure can cause discoloration, fading and irreversible damage to furniture in your home. Motorized blinds help homeowners protect their valuables by allowing automated programming to control how much light enters the room and when. 
  • Selecting motorized window blinds with maximum light-blocking opacity will help your bedroom be as dark as possible, to improve quality of sleep. You can achieve this step with traditional blackout curtains or blinds, but if so, you miss out on an opportunity for a more peaceful morning,
  • When you are on the couch watching a movie or reading a book, the last thing you want to do is get up to adjust your blinds. Motorized window blinds can either be set to close during the timeframe when the sun causes a glare on your TV or with the touch of a button.
  • The smart home trend is not just about individual devices, but rather how these devices can work with one another to improve household efficiency. Unlike standard window coverings, motorized window blinds can function independently and seamlessly with other smart home systems.
  • Having big windows in bedrooms and bathrooms is aesthetically pleasing and lets in plenty of natural light, but privacy is a concern. Motorized window blinds make having large windows in these private spaces easier.

When you are ready to level up your home's interior with motorized window blinds get in touch with A.R.M INTERIOR to schedule a appointment for home consultation.

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