A.R.M INTERIOR offers complete range of WINDOW BLINDS products for decorating or Covering your windows. A.R.M INTERIOR ‘ll be huge name of market leader in window Blinds services is well known in the market for its world class quality and continuous innovations.(Insha ALLAH) Our mission is to provide consumers quality window coverings, whatever the style or budget. You can buy with confidence at all of our products come with a 100% warranty, satisfaction guarantee and Shipping!

So according to Window Blinds manufacturer

window blind is a type of window covering. There are many different kinds of window blinds which use a variety of control systems. A typical window blind is made up of several long horizontal or vertical slats of various types of hard material, including wood, plastic, Fabric & Embroidered jaquard material which are held together by cords that run through the blind slats. These window Blinds are material used to cover a window to manage sunlight, to provide additional weather proofing, to ensure privacy or sometimes security, or for purely decorative purposes. Window coverings, especially in the Asian markit, are usually on the interior side of windows, but exterior solutions are also available. Window blinds can be adjusted by rotating them from an open position to a closed position with either a manual or remote control which allows the slats to overlap and block out most of the light. There are also several types ofwindow coverings, called shades Or Fabric, that use a single piece of soft material instead of slats.


Embroidered Window Blinds

Roller Window Blinds

Bamboo Window Blinds

Jute Window Blinds

Vertical Window Blinds

Horizontal Window Blinds

Jaquard Window Blind

How do I know which blind will suit my requirement? Yes , this is very important question as to which blind will best suit your requirement. It depends upon the room location ,number of windows, size of windows ,does the room is facing sun and how much light control and privacy is required. All these questions will be properly answered, and you will be guided as to which fabric, which design and which control mechanism and most importantly the budget will best suits to the requirement. We will advice you best suited product as per your requirement.

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