What is the measurement of your Korean wallpaper per roll?
How much area can 1 roll cover?
How much is your wallpaper per roll? Price inclusive of installation?
Do you provide wallpaper installation as well?
Do you provide Wallpaper Removal?
Are you able to do installation for Ceiling, Staircases & High walls especially landed houses (above 3.3 meters)
How comparable are Korean Wallpaper against the rest from China, Japan or Europe & how long can Korean wallpaper last?
How to maintain & take care of my wallpapers?
How long can Korean wallpapers last?
Can do it yourself (DIY) & install these Korean Wallpaper by our own self?
Do you have a store for us to view the sample or catalogs?
How to improved the joint for coming out after long term?
Why use Vinyl Flooring?
How much flooring is needed for a room?
Should I use a professional installer?
What is vinyl flooring?
Any disadvantages to vinyl flooring?
What are the advantages of vinyl flooring?
What is the average lifetime of a vinyl floor?
What are laminate floors and how are they made?
What is HDF ; MDF Laminate & What is a diffrence?
How can i care my Fantastic laminate Flooring as well?
What is the benifits of Vinyl & Wooden laminate flooring?
Just tell us about Laminate Flooring Advantages and Disadvantages?
Hard wood floor or Laminate wooden floor which is better regarding experts of Pakistan Interior Decor Industry?
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